What makes a memorable marriage ceremony?  Sincerity.  A ceremony should be a reflection of who you are.  It should focus on how you feel about each other, and why you're getting married.  You know why.  You don't need someone to speak to you.  You need someone to speak for you.    

The first time I officiated a ceremony, I had no idea how powerful the experience would be.  I'll never forget the feeling of standing before that couple, in a small circle of friends, narrating the rite of passage that would unite us forever.  Over two dozen ceremonies later, and that's still my objective as an officiant – to recreate that feeling for every wedding, couple, and guest. 

Before your wedding, we'll meet so that we can get to know each other.  Your ceremony should convey a sense of the role you play in each other's lives, of what lies in a place where only one person can see.  That's where the magic is.  No words can truly express these deepest of sentiments, but everyone will leave knowing they were a part of something incredibly special.

My ceremonies are open to everyone, in any setting.  I am licensed to sign marriage certificates anywhere in New York State and New York City (they require separate licenses), and any county across the country that recognizes this status (lots do).  Rates vary based on size, location, length, and format.   And if your event is elsewhere (anywhere), we can work it out.

When everyone is seated, and the whispers die down, entranced by the sight, the presence, of two people at the fore who see nothing else but each other – that's when you have them.  That's why they've come, and when they leave, it's what they'll take with them.  People will hold on to what they feel much longer than what they see.  When you're planning your wedding, don't lose sight of what's most important. 

A couple's story is like a fingerprint  truly unique, the only one of its kind there's ever been.  Let's tell it right, so that it's not just heard, but felt  and remembered.  

Let's make it last.