Your words last too.

"Whenever someone asks me how my wedding day went, I tell them that the only thing that wasn't a blur was my ceremony.  The words were crystal clear, the vows as vivid as the day we made them, and the moment forever cherished. My husband and I both agree that the ceremony was perfect, there was nothing else we would've done to make it even more true to who we are as a couple.  That is why I'm writing this testimonial. Zuhair is a deeply poetic soul, alongside with a whole bunch of fun.  His character is true and his words that day rang with so much heart, and love - and trust that is what he'll do for you. He doesn't just put the words together; he gets to know you as individuals, as a couple, and as what it means to be partners. Zuhair told our story so that every attendee had an intimate glimpse into our relationship and a glimpse into why we chose to take those vows. It was bloody fantastic. Not to mention, his inserts of humor were so on point, because if any one knows us, they know that's the basis of our relationship.  Put your trust in Zuhair to finding the right words that last, and not just any words - his words will make memories that last a lifetime." 

—Christina A.

"I first learned of Zuhair's services through a friend of mine who had utilized him earlier that year for a destination wedding. My friend raved about how intimate Zuhair's ceremony was and how he tailored the ceremony to their respective needs. My wife and I had been actively searching for an officiant. Zuhair spent time getting to know our story, both as a couple and as individuals. Zuhair assessed what factors within the ceremony would be important to both my wife and I and promised to deliver a ceremony that was reflective of us and our journey to this point. Given how Zuhair had come recommended to me in such high regard, I had high expectations of his services. Zuhair's service was thoroughly amazing and it even surpassed my wildest dreams . We routinely heard from our wedding guests that his ceremony was very personal and spiritual. We even noticed many of our guests approaching him after to convey their appreciation of the service he performed. All in all, Zuhair provided us with a once in a lifetime ceremony and an experience that my wife and I will cherish forever." 

—Justin M.

"When I met Zuhair, I immediately loved his positive attitude and optimistic look on life. His smile is contagious and he manages to make every moment together special. My now husband and I wanted to get married but didn't want something impersonal like going down to City Hall and being just a number in a queue. When I mentioned my situation to Zuhair, he said that he would be able to wed us wherever we wanted. There are no words to express how grateful and happy that Zuhair had offered his services to us. Zuhair met with my husband and I multiple times before the ceremony to go over vows or just to speak about what we wanted to be said during the ceremony.
The ceremony was held in Central Park in September on a beautiful morning with our parents and siblings. Zuhair's words, being his own, were beautiful and heartfelt and made the ceremony into everything we had wanted and hoped for. We were so happy with how the September ceremony went, that when we had set a date for our Wedding Party, a more formal ceremony a few months later in Florida, we asked that he officiate for us once more. On the beach he gave another beautiful speech in front of all our families and friends traveling from near and far. There was not a dry eye around. We cannot recommend Zuhair enough to anyone who is looking to have a special and personal experience on their wedding day."  

—Alexandra C.

"We want to let you in on a secret. Only five people attended our wedding and Zuhair, our officiant, was one of them. 

My wife and I were raised muslim. But, as much as we appreciate Islam as a faith, we are non-practicing. To appease our parents (who were very uncomfortable with the idea of us dating), we agreed in the spring of 2012 to an islamic marriage. To this day, our parents don't know that, after the islamic ceremony, we decided not to file our marriage certificate. It was never official.  

We planned a magnificent reception in the fall of 2012 in Port Washington, New York. An hour before our guests arrived, we walked to the water side on a beautiful sunny afternoon and said our vows. My best man, her maid of honor, and Zuhair, were the only people to join us. Zuhair gave a beautiful speech and pronounced us man and wife, and it was the most important moment in our lives. 

He gave us the wedding we wanted, not the one chosen for us.  We are forever thankful." 

—Asghar S.

"When Ahmed and I decided to get married, we knew we wanted every element of our wedding to reflect our personalities, and for our guests to understand why we were choosing to spends our lives together. That’s when Zuhair came in to save us from the standard ceremony and the typical officiant experience. He took the time to learn about us, our story and why we decided to get married. Our conversations with him reminded us that we were embarking on the greatest gift anyone can have in life and one that is the hardest to maintain. He treated the entire experience as a privilege and an honor and our guests felt the same because his words resonated with everyone at the ceremony. He showed us that marriage is not merely a public proclamation; it is an intimate promise. He captured that. It was such a unique experience, and it was one we will be eternally grateful for and never forget." 

—Sabeen P.